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You Can Hang Out With The Grinch In Real Life — And No, That’s Not My Way Of Saying I’m Free This Weekend

7th December 2018

If you’re new here, well, let’s ease into HOLIDAY STORY SEASON with a lil’ preamble. I am obsessed with whitefish salad and only eat one one deli’s pastrami because I find it to be superior and grew up on repeat Seinfeld episodes in lieu of Disney movies so, no,  I do not happen to celebrate Christmas. However, every winter I put on my expert cap (it’s a baseball hat from Katz’s Deli) and write prose about the magicality of the Christmas season.

All The Grinch-themed celebrations at Universal theme parks on both coasts may not fully be intended for me, given that I’m ineligible for Cindy Lou-level unabashed joy and Grinchian anger, but you know what I can get down with?

a) Staring at patrons of Whoville. I love people watching — love it!!!! — and it’s made all the better by gaping at the little turned-up noses of the guys and gals wandering around the California and Florida parks, wondering how do they do that?! I always thought it was a prosthetic nose but now I’m like it’s so seamless between their nose and their face that maybe it’s a whole face mask but that can’t be and then I start to spiral to that place in my brain where I wonder if I should slow down Mission Impossible films so I could see the actual transition from when they rip off those imposter face masks and I realize I’ve gone to far and oKAY onto the next one!

b) Kooky-ass Christmas trees. I think Xmas trees are beautiful. I’m deeply jealous that you guys get to string popcorn (omg) and tchotchkes (omg) upon your greenery once a year, but I’ll give ya the gorgeous Seussian tree at Universal Studios Hollywood. That one’s all yours and boy, it is a beaut. Something about the weird little curl at the top just gets me, you know? It’s not the kind of thing you see in real life on the regular, and I’m so, so happy its here.

c) MEETING MAX. Nothing like awkwardly standing next to a stranger’s dog and mugging for pictures. Seriously, there’s nothing like it. I see dogs constantly when I go to Runyon Canyon once a week — which is basically an uphill walk at a well-populated PetCo — but still somehow got so much joy from meeting this theme park dog and his trainer. ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR FAMILY PHOTOS WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S VERY SLEEPY PUPPY!!!!

Follow the trail of Christmas cookies to Travel + Leisure to read all about the Grinch-themed celebrations at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood in California going down this Christmas season.


You Can Meet The Grinch This Winter In A Real-Life Whoville on Travel + Leisure by Carlye Wisel

you (i) can now (and will) run a race with minions

6th December 2018

Universal Studios Hollywood is hosting its first-ever 5K race inside the theme park, begging the question: who needs to run with the bulls WHEN YOU CAN RUN WITH MINIONS!!!!!!!

Now, the last time I ran a little theme park running race, it ? did ? not ? go ? well. My brother mistakenly (cough) signed up for the Disneyland Star Wars Half-Marathon, and it being non-refundable, forced both his wife and myself into upgrading from our planned 5K to running thrice as many miles as I’d ever pitter-pattered my feet through in my human life. Continue reading