HI! ?? I’m Carlye, a thirty-year-old theme park journalist who traded fashion writing for fun wheels, New York for Los Angeles, and Handi Snacks for vegetables. (Well, sometimes.) I spend my days writing about roller coasters, my nights eating way too many snacks while watching lame sitcoms on the couch and as many days trekking across the globe as physically possible. Still, no matter what situation I find myself in, things always get…awkward. (Like the first and only street style photo taken of me above. Sigh.)

Tuck in for a wild ride that your employer will 100% try to block with inappropriate content filters!

— — — — — — — — — — FAQ — — — — — — — — — — —

wait…where the hell is your old blog?
I KNOW, I know. Problem is, I had just grown beyond it. Ye Olde Awkward City isn’t gone forever, though — I’ve repurposed a ton of those posts on here so it’s like a start-up once it gets good funding: the same product but looks way more appealing!

how did you get your job?
After receiving my degree in news-editorial journalism, I worked a ton of different jobs — at a record label, video platform, retail company and freelance writing about fitness, fashion and life. I loved them all, but once I went to Walt Disney World as an adult, I knew I’d found my favorite thing to write about. So, now, instead of freelance writing about a ton of different topics, I write about theme parks and travel worldwide.

where can i read your stories?
Soon they’ll be all up on here but until I stop spending all my free time re-watching all of Bob’s Burgers, you can find them on websites including Travel + Leisure, Eater, Popsugar, GQ, Racked and Thrillist, among others.

help! i’m going to [insert theme park here] and don’t know what to do!
No worries! I got you. My full Disney and Universal theme park guides are not yet live here on Awkward City, but there are plenty of resources and helpful tutorials over on my website, CarlyeWisel.com.