you (i) can now (and will) run a race with minions

6th December 2018

Universal Studios Hollywood is hosting its first-ever 5K race inside the theme park, begging the question: who needs to run with the bulls WHEN YOU CAN RUN WITH MINIONS!!!!!!!

Now, the last time I ran a little theme park running race, it ? did ? not ? go ? well. My brother mistakenly (cough) signed up for the Disneyland Star Wars Half-Marathon, and it being non-refundable, forced both his wife and myself into upgrading from our planned 5K to running thrice as many miles as I’d ever pitter-pattered my feet through in my human life.

Do we believe that it was an honest mistake? Considering he just successfully ran a marathon and was still in running shape? WHO KNOWS. Either way, I blacked out with fatigue, listened to the same Phantogram song on repeat for multiple hours and somehow ran the entire 13.1 mile race — and then walked another 13 miles through Disneyland that day since, ya know, we were already there and might as well.

Cut to: the next day, home. My brother made some off-hand comment about how running lightly, just a lil’ jog the day after a race is helpful to keep your body warm so it doesn’t seize up. I proceed to go on a glory run towards the beach and snnnnap! I pull something in my ankle. Two years and two physical therapists later, I’ve never been able to run again. I can no longer wear high heels and need to take every dumb modification in workout class, but honestly, the lunch I binge ate at River Belle Terrace after running that race miiiiight have just be worth it.

So, here I stand, on the precipice of a Gru-assisted jog and honestly, I think I need to try it again. The idea of running past R2-D2 got me here, the idea of doing isolated ankle exercises has caused my regression, and I’m almost willing to give it another try to see those bug-eyed bananas on the sidelines cheering me on. I never thought I’d run one theme park race, let alone two, but if anyone could make me wake up at 6am to run around an empty theme park with no rides functioning, a Minion surely could.

Jog over to Travel + Leisure to read about Universal Studios Hollywood’s first-ever in-park 5K, and comment below to talk me out of ever running again. (I need all the lazy encouragement I can get.)


Universal Studios Hollywood Is Hosting Its First-Ever 5K on Travel + Leisure by Carlye Wisel

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