The Best And Worst Days To Travel To Walt Disney World In 2019.

12th December 2018

Walt Disney World’s new ticketing calendar is live, but more importantly,  I did math for this story, people. SO MUCH MATH. I did it by hand! I did it in excel! I did it by double-checking my figures with someone who knows math and was told I did all the math wrong so I had to redo it and then checked it three times!

Anyway, the big takeaway here — besides me yelling BUT I TOOK AP STATISTICS about thirty-seven times — is that Disney ticketing is wildly different than it was just a few weeks ago. Generally speaking, prices rose substantially since last year. Some ticket prices went down, which is a weird unexpected miracle,  but many did increase. Even more significant is that this demand pricing model fluctuates not by when you travel, but when you arrive. It’s a bit tricky, and if you’re a WDW expert, it’ll throw your next vacation plans for a loop.

I dove deep into the calendar and the numbers (math!!!) to suss out the very best times to visit Walt Disney World in 2019 — and some unexpected hacks to keep more cash in your pocket. Or, in Lake Buena Vista terms, helped send some extra funds ~linked to your Figment-themed Magic Band~.

Scurry over to Travel + Leisure to read all the insider info you need to know, as well as when the cheapest times to visit Walt Disney World are — and a helpful hack I discovered that could save! you! money!


These Are The Best And Worst Times To Go To Disney World in 2019 on Travel + Leisure by Carlye Wisel

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