To The North Pole…And Beyond!

10th December 2018

Toy Story Land has only been open for five months, but like dressing toddlers in Halloween costumes, its young age doesn’t mean it’s going to miss a grand Instagram debut. For the very first time (because it’s new, but alas), the land is decked out in Christmas decor.

String lights are a staple in this “everything-is-enormous” land, but the quintessential holiday touches, like a humungo Hamm-shaped sugar cookie (heh heh) or Woody and Buzz Lightyear sporting little festive touches to their costumes is cute in a way I did not know I craved.

I don’t want to spoil the details fully — o-kay, even Rex is wearing reindeer antlers (!) — so check out a further taste of the holiday festivities over on Travel + Leisure.


Toy Story Land During The Holiday Season Is Disney Magic At Its Best on Travel + Leisure by Carlye Wisel

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